Roster Sticker Template

Mass Hockey and USA Hockey mandate the use of roster stickers on all game sheets. Failure to use stickers for any games may result in a minor penalty. Coaches and team managers can use the below templates to create stickers for their teams.


They stickers must have the following information

  • The jersey numbers and last name and first name of all players. Players must be listed in alphanumerical (jersey) or alphabetical order (last name)
  • A list all coaches who are approved on the roster with CEP #, CEP Level Number, CEP Level Expiration year
  • Association code with team number- The association code will be on the roster when finalized. 

If volunteers (i.e. parents in lieu of a certified coach) are on the bench, their first and last names must be placed on the scoresheet. For subs/kids playing up those you will have to write in as best you can. 

Note you will need three per game. Once for each page of the sheet.

Microsoft Word Template for Avery 5263 2 inch by 4 inch labels

Excel Template for most 2 inch by 4 inch labels

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