Winchester Youth Hockey Locker Room and Restroom Policy

Winchester Youth Hockey has three hockey programs: youth hockey (which is co-ed), girls hockey (which is limited to girls only); and Learn to Play (which is co-ed). To best promote inclusion in our programs, to promote the healthy development of each child in our programs, and to respect the privacy of all players on each team, WYH has adopted the following policy for locker room and restroom use. 

All players are required to wear certain minimum attire at all times in the locker room. This means that the players should arrive at the rink wearing their base layer (e.g., shorts and t-shirt or sports bra), and this minimum attire cannot be removed while in the locker room. Accordingly, all players can dress in the same locker room without any player seeing another player in a state of undress. A player not wearing their base layer can use a separate restroom to change into the base layer and then enter the locker room with the other players. The use of showers either in a locker room or adjoining to a locker room through a separate door is prohibited without written prior approval. 


For all teams, restroom usage must be limited to one player at a time for restrooms adjoining the locker rooms with a separate door. The use of a locker room that has a restroom without a door separating the restroom from the locker room is strictly prohibited.

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