Placements FAQ's

Q: Which session should my son/daughter attend? The one for their team this year or next? 

A: Your child should attend the session for their age level next season. For example, if your child is currently a Mite but moving up to squirt next year, they should attend squirt placements.


Q: My son/daughter cannot make EITHER placement at their scheduled time. How should we proceed? 

A: Unfortunately, if you cannot make either placement your son/daughter will then be placed on the lowest level team for their age group (e.g., Mite 4 or Squirt 4). If you have truly extraordinary circumstances (family emergency, injury, etc..) that prohibit your child for attending placements please let your coach and/or WYH know, and we can have further discussions about placement options. Please note, conflicting tryouts for other teams are not considered extraordinary - this has been a longstanding policy of WYH.


Q: My son/daughter is a goalie. Should they attend both placements?

A: YES! If they can make all placements for their age group (regardless of last name) that is preferable. If they can only make some, please let a coach or placement coordinator know.


Q: My son/daughter is a returning "A" or "1" player. Do they have to attend placements? i.e. Does a returning Squirt 1 have to attend Squirt placements when they are already "on the team"? 

A: WYH leaves that decision to the player/family. If they would like to attend placements, they are welcome, but it is not required. Please note, during scrimmages, they may not see as much ice time as other skaters so that evaluators can better analyze players who are not on a pre-determined team. 


Q: I have an outstanding balance owed to WYH. Can my child attend placements? 

A: No. Everyone must have final balances (in addition to the registration fee for placements) paid to attend placements. Please note, WYH offers tuition assistance, relief. and payments plans. For further information, please reach out to WYH. 


-WYH Board

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